Curriculum Vitae 

A transcultural mind, a global heart.

“Der Gedenkdienst ist eine besondere Gelegenheit persönlich zu wachsen”

My interview with the Austrian Organization



AUSTRIAN SERVICE ABROAD    Executive Assistant         07/2012 to present

•Assisting the organization’s program implementation, which involves placing Austrian civil servant candidates in developing countries to perform social and development work such as work in libraries, hospitals, HIV/AIDS, and environmental protection. Such program is mandatory for the Austrian civil service.

•Reviewing the utilization of grant funds that were provided by the Government of Austria as well as external donors such as the European Union, and prepare a financial statement report. As part of this task, statement of expenditures from civil servants working abroad had to be reviewed and reported.

•Research and develop a report on standard living costs in different countries such as in India, Costa Rica, Brazil, Gabon, and China, relating to housing, food, and transportation.

•Mentoring future civil servants and provide training relating to major historical events. •Collect articles covering the organization from Austrian newspapers and translate and publish them into English. •Insurance management: reviewing the implementation of insurance policies such as payments, coverage period, for members of the organization to ensure maximum efficiency.


UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION TAMPA BAY    Social Media Director      12/2012 to present

•Engaging stakeholder discussions through online media on various issues relating to the work and mission of the UN.

•Perform advocacy work through social media campaigns to raise awareness about global issues such as youth unemployment, food security, gender discrimination, health and sanitation, as well as LGBT rights.

•Following up and analyzing current news and development of UN organizations and initiate online community discussions on relevant issues. These tasks are performed through major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I also utilized various social media dashboards such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and eClincher.

•Developing the content as well as curating and updating the organization’s homepage through different applications and programming languages such as Joomla! and basic html.

•Administrating the organization’s blog including proofreading and editing the content submitted by board members and volunteers.

•Developing online marketing strategies for event promotion such as workshops, conferences, movie screenings, and panel discussions on the MDGs and Post-2015 development agenda using applications such as,, and MailChimp.

•Collaborating with online divisions of local newspapers and publications such as The Tampa Bay Times, The Tampa Bay Business Journal, as well as several local university newspapers.

•Reaching out to local NGOs, community organizations, and non-profit entities to engage discussions on issues of mutual interest such as Human Trafficking, malaria prevention, and clean water access in developing countries.

•Introduce and present the works of UNA Tampa Bay to the local community.

•In November 2013, organized the local Post-2015 development consultations in Tampa, which attracted and engaged over 100 participants in brainstorming on sustainable development. The key tasks performed included collaborating with NGOs and non-profit organizations, supervising volunteers, and writing ad-hoc speeches.

•As an elected Board Member, fulfill duties such as attending monthly meetings, voting on important subjects such as budget allocation and staff recruitment, as well as reviewing budget reports and policies.

•Gained national recognition from UNA-USA for developing successful digital strategies for the organization, resulting in an invitation to speak at its national conference in Washington D.C.

UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION TAMPA BAY         Program Intern          09/2012 to 12/2012

•In November 2012, organized the Human Rights Conference at the USF Patel Center of Global Solutions in Tampa. The key tasks performed included contacting and negotiating with potential donors, restaurants, and event venues, the organization of volunteer speakers and event staff, as well as managing budget.

•Building and curating relations between various non-profits in the Tampa Bay area, such as the Florida Holocaust Museum and the Florida Coalition against Human Trafficking.

•Initiated the inclusion of social media platforms and digital strategies in the organization’s marketing strategy, which resulted in an exponential growth of the UNA Tampa Bay’s online community.


FLORIDA HOLOCAUST MUSEUM       Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service     09/2012 to 02/2013

•Acted as the first female representative for the Austrian Service Abroad to share the Holocaust education process in Austria and gained official recognition by the Austrian President, Dr. Heinz Fischer.

•Perform historical research for new exhibitions and translate German documents from the second World War such as letters written from victims in concentration camps, camp regulations (food ratios, punishments) and other personal documents of victims and survivors.

•Organized public tours of the museum for visitors such as students and individuals seeking education about the Holocaust and genocides.

•Set up and organize public discussion forums for Holocaust survivors and their audience.

•Developed a social media strategy with the museum’s Technology Planning Committee, which resulted in the allocation of grant funding by the State of Florida.

•Supported the museum’s fundraising activities such as creating power point presentations, data entry, and reviewing proposals.


AUSTRIAN AIRLINES       Passenger Service Agent & HON-Circle Agent        10/2007 to present

•Ensuring quality, comfort, and efficiency during check-in and boarding procedures for short- and long-haul flights to guarantee on-time departure, with special focus on cultural differences and sensitivities.

•Since 2008 member of the HON Circle Team: Promoted to working towards an exceptional service of quality and comfort for an exclusive circle of the airline’s most loyal customers.

•Analyzing situations and targeting special assistance to passengers with special needs, children traveling by themselves, and mothers with infants.


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  1. Hello dear Melanie – Donna at FHM here thinking of you. Aren’t you proud of me that I found you? Hope all is well.

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